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Almudena Rodriguez Pardo, born in Bilbao (Spain), studied computer science at RWTH University Aachen (Germany) and started working for Ericsson in 1995. In the 22 years involved in the telecommunication sector, she achieved a strong technical background as a developer, quality coordinator and technical market support engineer in different organizations within Ericsson. Moreover,  Almudena was strongly involved in the Agile transformation and DevOps deployment at Ericsson, and worked as an Agile and DevOps consultant for Ericsson customers.

She is a well-known public speaker with international reputation at Agile and DevOps conferences, where she has been invited at Agile Tour London, Scan Agile Helsinki, Agile Practitioners Tel Aviv, Delivery of Things World Berlin, Agile Pep Minds Berlin, Conference Agile Spain, Agile Conference Austria, Agile Serbia Conference, etc… Furthermore, she contributes to the Agile community with publications like InfoQ

Almudena is actually partner at the international company Improvement21, working as Business Agility Consultant and Agile expert supporting organizations worldwide in their way to Agility and DevOps deployment.

Title : DevOps and people: where automation begins !

Speaker : Almudena Rodriguez Pardo (Improvement 21)

Technology is rapidly advancing and becoming more difficult to test and validate on the bench.  System to system interconnections and dependencies are growing in numbers and complexity across all sectors including aerospace, health, environmental, transportation, banking and infrastructure.  Testing that used to work yesterday will not work today and will not scale tomorrow.  New testing challenges are surfacing, from the lack of proper Artificial Intelligence validation, to ensuring an embedded system is functioning at full capacity and in a deterministic way. The importance of building confidence in interoperability and network performance early in the development stage will help reduce overall system development costs.

The keynote will look at testing the core underlining technologies that help enable new technology advancements, from embedded designs to large scale computing, to precise navigation and timing.

Title : How testing enables new technology advancements

Speaker :Jeff Wara (Spirent)

Pierre Lynch is a Lead Technologist for the Ixia Solutions Group within Keysight Technologies. Pierre has been working in the mobile network testing industry since the beginning of his 20 year career. He is currently responsible for representing Keysight at standards definition organizations (SDOs) and open source communities relating to virtualization and mobility, including ETSI NFV, ETSI MEC, 3GPP, OPNFV, ONAP, OSM and the Small Cell Forum. He has been with Ixia (now Keysight Technologies) since 2006. He is the current chair of the TST Working Group at ETSI NFV ISG, and chair of the Operations working group at the Small Cell Forum. 

Title : Testing network softwarization

Speaker : Pierre Lynch (Ixia Solutions Group, Keysight Technologies)


Company: All4Tec

Speaker: Fabrice Trollet

Expert in Model-Based Testing, for autonomous vehicle testing for Renault, or Stock exchange testing for Euronext. In charge of some French R&D test projects.

Abstract : Generate combinatorics and optimize test variability to validate your autonomous vehicles 

Company: Amadeus

Speaker: Anthony Todisco

Software engineer with experiences in many projects were quality was a main focus. Currently working for Amadeus on test automation for API.

Abstract : Agile testing for web API with Postman


CompanyBell Labs Consulting

SpeakerAnis Cheikhrouhou

Mr. Cheikhrouhou is a Principal Consultant with Bell Labs Consulting, Nokia. His current focus is on the cognitive control platforms for the emerging programmable networks. As a 20-year veteran of the industry, his experience includes consulting engagements for major European and Asian Network Operators in the areas of fixed and mobile access, core and OSS/BSS domains. Mr. Cheikhrouhou holds a MS degree in electrical engineering.

Abstract : DevForOps: Maturity assessment and benchmarking platform for Telco DevOps


CompanyCommissariat à l'Énergie Atomique et aux Énergies Alternatives

Speaker: Stéphane Salmons

Stéphane Salmons is a senior engineer at CEA TECH, France. He is the leader of the Smart Grid Interoperability project aiming to provide new MBT tools to the power industry. After a Ph. D. in Theoretical Physics at Denis Diderot Paris University, he joined the software industry and managed several development, industrialization and maintenance projects in the area of scientific software and HPC. His current activities at CEA TECH include technical management, IEC 61850 expertise, model driven development, test engineering and technical debt analysis. His interests revolve around all fields of Software and System quality.

Abstract : Model-based platform for smart grid interoperability testing using TTCN-3

Company: Conformiq

Speaker: Stephan Shulz

Stephan Schulz is currently the CTO of Conformiq, former Chair of the ETSI Technical Committee for Methods and Specification, and leader of the review group in the ISTQB MBT working group. Prior to working at Conformiq, he has been a user and evaluator of MBT tools and he worked for 8 years deploying the test automation language TTCN-3 in industry.

Abstract : From Manual Testing to Intelligent Test Automation

CompanyDEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U.

Speaker: Carlos Cardenas

Telecomunication Engineer. I joined Dekra Testing and Certification in 2004, involved in wireless and testing technologies, now focused on Wi-Fi and LTE. Currently, I lead the development of performance testing solutions.

Abstract : Testing solution for Virtual Reality applications

Company: Easy Global Market

Speaker: Wenbin Li

Wenbin Li is a Research Engineer at Easy Global Market working on IoT&ICT projects (including FP7, H2020) with main focus on semantic Web, model-based testing and AI.

Abstract : Model-based testing for component-based applications

Company: Ericsson

SpeakerKristóf Szabados

Kristóf Szabados has a decade of experience in building tools for testers at Ericsson. He is also a PhD candidate with researching the properties of large scale test systems and a member of ETSI STF’s working on the TTCN-3 language standard since 2016.

Abstract : Object-oriented Features of TTCN-3

CompanyFEMTO-ST Institute, Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté, CNRS, SOGETI

Speaker: Elodie Bernard

Elodie Bernard is a Validation Engineer at Sogeti Lyon (France) and a PhD student in Software Testing at the FEMTO-ST Institute (Besançon, France). 

She is working with a novel approach of visual test design for test automation.

Abstract : Experience Report: Visual Test Design for Test Automation in Agile of a Large-Scale IT Systems

Company: Freelancer

Speaker: Florence Rolland-Soulier

Florence Rolland-Soulier has been working as an analyst and software test engineer in critical environments since 2012.

Her references include INTERPOL IPCO, two banks and a startup that built data-driven decision-making systems for big farms.

She is currently focusing on GUI test automation.

Abstract : Test data preparation for GDPR compliance

Company: Functionize

Speaker: Tamas Cser

Tamás Cser is the Founder and CEO of Functionize, where he invented the company’s autonomous testing platform that incorporates AI and machine learning technologies.  Prior to Functionize, he was the Founder and CEO of DST, an enterprise SaaS consultancy acquired by Cisco.  Under his leadership, DST helped build some of the largest scale, and most advanced warehousing, data intelligence and outreach platforms, and assisted with complex big data projects at Stanford and UC Berkeley. In addition to founding several successful startups, his accomplishments as an inventor and engineer span multiple industries – from developing a wearable motion-detecting platform for athletic training to neural networks for early cancer detection and computer vision systems for law enforcement and security training.

Abstract : Advanced Anomaly Detection in Canary Testing: Experimental Methods, LSTM Models and Hybrid Approaches

Company: IFAK

SpeakerTim Ruß

Studied from 2006 to 2012 at Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany

Since 2012: Working at the Institute for Automation and Communication (Institut für Automation und Kommunikation, ifak) in Magdeburg, Germany

Business Unit: Traffic and Assistance, with topics like test and diagnosis of network data or V2X communication

Since 2014: Working on PhD thesis, topic: automated tests of network data using Petri nets.

Abstract : Diagnosis of V2X communication via evaluation modules and textual rule sets

Company: INRIA

Speakers: César Viho & Federico Sismondi

Prof. César Viho is within the Dionysos research team of IRISA/INRIA research laboratory responsible of the research subgroup dedicated to “Conformance and Interoperability testing” with a specific focus on distributed and formal approaches for testing applied to IPv6 technologies and more recently to the Internet of Things. He is the European representative in the technical committee of the worldwide IPv6 ready Logo certification Program. He has been involved in several European initiatives and projects and has published several papers in main conferences and journals dealing with testing, wireless networks and Internet of Things.

MSc. Federico Sismondi is R&D engineer at IRISA/INRIA research laboratory. He works as Software Engineer and Testing Specialist for the F-Interop European project that aims at providing means and tools for online and remote interoperability testing of IoT protocols. He is the author and maintainer of the ioppytest testing framework for running interoperability tests for CoAP, 6LoWPAN, oneM2M and LWM2M protocols, and also main developer and maintainer of ttproto, a testing tool prototyping framework.

Abstract : F-Interop: a platform for online and remote interoperability testing of IoT protocols.

Company: NOKIA

Speaker: Alan Tang

Alan Tang is a Nokia Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS) in QingDao, China. 

He is also the member of Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academy (ALTA). 

Alan holds a master degree in electronic engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an China. 

Alan Tang has worked in the telecommunications domain for over 20 years. 

His current area of focus is Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps. 

He has 15 filed patents and 6 of them has been granted in different countries such as in China, France, Japan and the U.S.

Abstract : Automatic Selective Regression Testing System in CI/CD/DevOps

Company: NetResults

SpeakerFrancesco Oppedisano & Sergio Borghese 

Francesco Oppedisano is a PhD in Information Engineering with focus on QoE active measurement. In 2006, he founded the academic spin-off NetResults where he is currently CEO.

Sergio Borghese graduated in Electronic Engineering at University of Pisa (Italy) . He worked as a software developer in several companies on projects ranging from user applications to device drivers. Currently he is a Product Owner and Software Architect in NetResults.

Abstract : Using TDL and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for business scaling

Abstract : Test cases implemented in TDL for a Call Conference system

Company: NOKIA France

SpeakerPierre-Henri Symoneaux

Pierre-Henri has been working in the telecom industry for 8 years, holding different R&D roles in software development, software architecture and team leading. He’s currently leading a CI team at Nokia France.

Abstract : Jenkinsfile pipelines for enterprise scale projects

Company: Open Universiteit

Speaker: Pekka Aho

Pekka Aho is a researcher and TESTAR tool developer at Open Universiteit, NL. His research topic is model extraction of graphical user interfaces for automated software testing and analysis.

Abstract : Scriptless Test Automation through Graphical User Interface


Speaker: Emmanuel Gaudin

Emmanuel Gaudin has a technical background and developed protocol stacks in SDL. He joined a modeling tool vendor in 96 as a Field Application Engineer and as a trainer to finally become technical director of the French branch. Based on that experience, he started PragmaDev in 2001 to develop an SDL-RT tool which combines graphical modeling and code. Since then the tool has raised in abstraction level to now address system level functional description and behavior. It also introduced the support of TTCN-3 to be able to automate testing of models. Since then the relation between modeling and testing is of a high interest to Emmanuel.

Abstract : Ease testing of clock based systems

Company: Q-Leap

Speaker: Jorge Asensio

Jorge Asensio is an ISTQB-certified tester and Scrum Developer. He holds an Information Systems Engineer diploma from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) and the University of Münster (Germany), where his interest for Software Testing grew significantly. This led him to work in Berlin, Madrid and in Luxembourg for several IT companies in different business areas, where he performed as a Test Analyst, QA Lead and now as a Test Automation Lead.

In the last two years he has been developing test-automated frameworks to build mobile laboratories at an ISTQB-gold partner enterprise, which specialises in Testing and QA. Previous experiences include collaborations in test planning and automation for ERP software, IPTV-Video, Online Marketing, Online Security and large-scale corporate-management applications.


Abstract : Parallel Automated Testing on Mobile Devices through BDD-Cucumber and Open Source Resources

Company: Siemens Industry Software NV

Speaker: Nick Van Kelecom

Nick Van Kelecom holds a Master of Science degree in Electromechanical Engineering (2016) from the KU Leuven university in Belgium. After this, he successfully finished a one-year postgraduate program in ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Engineers’ at the KU Leuven. Currently, he is working at Siemens PLM Software based in Leuven, Belgium. Here he fulfills the role of innovation research engineer, working on tools and methodologies to support the design and virtual verification and validation of automotive mechatronic software. His daily activities include model-based design and testing, for which he is setting up an automated testing framework which tightly integrates into the bigger development workflow.

Abstract : Integrated framework for development and testing of safety-critical automotive mechatronic systems

Company: Software Innovation Lab,  Paderborn University

SpeakerIvan Jovanovikj

Ivan is a researcher in Software Innovation Lab and a Ph.D. student at the Chair of Databases and Information Systems under supervision of Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels at Paderborn University. His areas of interest are model-based testing, software reengineering, and software migration.

Abstract : Who Guards the Guards? On the Validation of Test Case Migration

Company: SOGETI

Speaker: Antoine Aymer

Antoine Aymer is a passionate international technologist who has been actively involved in quality assurance since he joined Mercury Interactive in the early 2000s. Antoine’s passion is to improve end user experience through appropriate software testing. Antoine co-authored the “Mobile Analytics Playbook” in 2016, and is one of the authors of the World Quality Report. The impetus was derived from his experiences of using various types of analytics to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of software testing.


Abstract : Analytics: the spice to automation testing

CompanySpirent Communications

SpeakerBogdan Stanca-Kaposta

Bogdan joined Testing Technologies in 2004 which was later acquired by Spirent. As a Senior Staff Software Architect, he is the technical project lead of TTworkbench, IoT oneM2M and Automotive Ethernet Test Suites for AUTOSAR and Open Alliance at Spirent Communication in Berlin. He also initiated a university project to present the company and attract young talented students.

Bogdan represents Spirent in organizations like GCF, AUTOSAR, OPEN Alliance, oneM2M and conferences like UCAAT, IoT week, ETSI plug tests and has been a couple of times the STF lead of the TTCN-3 conformance STF.

Abstract : Continuous testing of oneM2M IoT products with Docker and Jenkins

CompanyTKI Automotive GmbH

Speakers: Marcel Helmer & Patrick Meuth

Marcel Helmer obtained his M.Eng. in electrical engineering at TU Nuremberg in the field of control engineering. He works as a function development engineer at TKI Automotive since 2015. 

Besides the developing of new functions for the thermomanagment of electrified vehicles, he supports the testing team with his knowledge of the software to develop new testing methods

and improve the existing.

Patrick Meuth obtained his Bachelor of engineering in Renewable Energies at the TU Ingolstadt (Germany). He works as test development Engineer at TKI Automotive

with special focus on Model-based testing, an Audi AG and IPETRONIK GmbH joint venture founded in 2012.

Abstract : Integration and evaluation of MBT in a platform based software development process


Speaker: Ingo Philipp

Ingo Philipp is an award-winning Exploratory Testing and Agile thought leader, with a resume of speaking engagements that span the globe. 

In his roles as Tricentis’ Distinguished Evangelist and a product manager, his responsibilities range from product development and product marketing to test management, test conception, test design, test automation, and sharing his rich perspectives and stories with the world. 

His experiences with software testing embrace the application of agile testing as well as classical testing methodologies in various sectors including financial services, consumer goods, commercial services, healthcare, materials, telecommunications, and energy.


Abstract : AI in Software Testing: The Best (and Worst) Uses

Company: University of Göttingen

Speakers: Philip Makedonski & Martti Käärik (Elvior)

Philip Makedonski is researching software engineering and quality assurance at the University of  Göttingen and contributing to TDL at ETSI.

Abstract : From TDL to TTCN-3: A Step by Step Tutorial

Abstract : Implementing the Standardised Mapping of TDL to TTCN-3

CompanyUniversity of Porto, INESC TEC

SpeakerJoão Pascoal Faria

João Pascoal Faria holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from FEUP in 1999, where he is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Informatics Engineering and Director of the Integrated Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering (MIEIC). He his a researcher at INESC TEC, where he coordinates the Software Engineering area. He represents FEUP and INESC TEC in the Technical Comission for Health Informatics (CT 199) and FEUP as President of the Sectorial Comission for the Quality of Information and Communications Technology (CS/03), in the scope of the Portuguese Quality Institute (IPQ). In the past, he worked with several software companies (Novabase Saúde, Sidereus, Medidata) and was a co-founder of two other (Qualisoft and Strongstep).

Abstract : Decentralized Model-Based Testing of Distributed Systems