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Conformiq Automated Test Design™ tools automate the design and creation of functional tests for software and systems, adding thoroughness and consistency to testing procedures, finding more defects sooner, and shortening testing time while achieving 5X to 20X productivity improvement.

Conformiq users capture the expected behavior of the system by creating a model and from that model the Conformiq tools automatically generates test scripts, reports, and expected correct SUT test results. By combining Conformiq and automated execution, users can generate and re-generate test cases fast enough for progression testing during agile sprint times, thus enabling faster time to market.

Conformiq is headquartered in San Jose, California with offices in Finland, Sweden, Germany and India.

PragmaDev is a privately held company based in Paris France that provides three main sets of tools in an integrated environment: PragmaDev Studio. The tools are based on recognized international standards and aims at helping system engineers, architects, developers, and testers in their daily work.
PragmaDev main characteristic is to rely on executable modeling and testing technologies: SDL and TTCN-3. This allows unique features such as model simulation, automatic test case generation (model based testing), and full code generation.

Smartesting Solutions & Services is a software testing solutions provider from France and a leader in the innovative technology of model-based testing, i.e. the automatic generation of functional tests from a formal representation (such as Business Process Models) of the expected behaviour of the system under test. From the incorporation of Smartesting in 2003 as a spin-off of the Computer Science laboratory (CNRS/INRIA) of the Franche-Comté University to the company today, more than 150 man-years of R&D effort have been invested in the patented “CertifyIt” solution, in the MBT model development accelerator, “Impulse” and in other security testing-related add-ons.

Testing Technologies advise and support test automation projects worldwide. They provide an extensive portfolio of approved, ready to use software testing tools helping you to create highly customized test environments. Their integrated test platform TTworkbench enables you to build, execute, and analyse complex test scenarios fast and easy.

Choose from a variety of existing plugins, complete test solutions, or implement additional functionalities via open and standardized APIs. Simply create your own test suites, enhancements, missing features… Reuse all your investments in the future, as their test bench is based on TTCN-3. This internationally standardized test technology guarantees durability and continuous improvement.

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